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Topic (Foundation Subjects)

At Uplands, we follow the National Curriculum for all subjects. Our topic lessons are based around a themed title and include a range of foundation subjects within the unit. 


Our units are planned out in two-year cycles, with most units taught across year pairs (Year 1 with Year 2, Year 3 with Year 4, and Year 5 with Year 6). However, there are some topic units taught solely by one class, such as the Tudors (Year 4) or the Romans (Year 3).


Following the National Curriculum, all foundation subjects are taught fully and all skills taught. Using tracking systems and coverage documents, staff ensure that objectives are taught. 


An outline of our topic plans and expectations can be found in our Parent Handbook and policies section. A termly outline of each year group's topic plans can be found in our Areas of Study section. 


Below are photographs to share examples of our learning. Educational links relating to each individual subject can be found in their specific curriculum subject area.

Examples of our learning