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Bookfest 2019/20!


A letter went out on Friday 4th October outlining the details of Bookfest 2019! We have designed a range of activities to take place over the next 5 weeks to raise money for exciting books for our school library and classrooms. The project is also designed to help motivate and encourage the children in our school to read for pleasure. This will include a sponsored ‘Readathon’ and will culminate in a day of book festival activities on Friday 8th November 2019.


Studies have shown that reading for pleasure has one of the most significant impacts on children’s academic performance; language skills, reading comprehension and writing ability are all positively affected by reading, as well as a wider understanding of the world. However, the effects of reading for pleasure go even further than that, with research suggesting that it can help to improve mental and emotional health, social skills and concentration. As a school, we have seen first-hand the wonderful results of finding a love of reading and want to use this opportunity to inspire all of our children to have a ‘nourishing diet’ of literature.


With this in mind, the activities and challenges that we have suggested for children to take part in are all designed as a starting point to help engage children with books and expand their reading repertoire. For a full outline of these, please see the information document attached. If your child finds reading particularly challenging or unenjoyable, this is a wonderful opportunity to invest time and energy into supporting them to find a love of reading, even if this process is gradual. Please feel free to adapt any of the suggestions to suit your child’s particular needs or interests; we want Bookfest to be an enjoyable and inspiring experience for all. Your child’s teacher will be happy to discuss any particular concerns or questions you may have. We hope you will join us in supporting Bookfest and we look forward to celebrating your child’s reading journey.


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