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Computing and ESafety

At Uplands, we follow the National Curriculum for all subjects. Technology is used in our lessons wherever possible. We have 45 laptops for class use, as well as 30 iPads. Additional laptops and iPads are made available for staff/class use. 


As part of the Computing curriculum, children are taught how to:

  • log on, navigate and use technology such as laptops and iPads
  • research and understand the importance of verifying news and the validity of websites
  • be safe online and understand what to do in e-safety situations
  • program and debug
  • plan, design and create
  • word process.


All classes have SMART boards, as do group work rooms. The school also has 3 screens on wheels, totalling 13 screens across the school.


Internet access is wireless and set on two networks (visitors and staff) to ensure that data is protected. Uplands and the Forest Learning Alliance were awarded the Cyber Essentials certificate in October 2018 for our work to protect data and safeguard users.


Long term plans for Computing for the year can be found here.


Our policies relating to computing and e-safety can be found in our policies section. Our online safety page (under 'Teaching and Learning') may also provide additional information.


Below are photographs to share examples of our learning and educational links relating to computing and e-safety.




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