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Physical Education

Physical Education (P.E.) is taught in standalone lessons each week. Children are taught core skills relating to a range of sporting activities and games, such as throwing and catching, footwork and hand-eye coordination, positioning, balance and movement. There is also a heavy emphasis on fitness and healthy eating in P.E. lessons, with children being taught to understand the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, as well as the effects of exercise and food on the body, linking with Science and P.S.H.E. units.


Children are coached in specific sports, especially in Key Stage 2, in preparation for festivals and tournaments. Festivals are considered to be participation events, and tournaments are competitive. Most of the events are organised by Bracknell Forest Council's School Sports Partnership, although we enter events run by local schools such as Eagle House, LVS and Sandhurst.


Children participate in a range of indoor and outdoor events at their own ability. We operate a staggered system of competition at Uplands, involving:

a. personal competition (competing against yourself)

b. pair competition (competing with a child of a similar ability)

c. peer competition (competing with a range of groups and abilities)


At Uplands, we also offer opportunities for competitions within school (such as sports days and inter-house tournaments) and cross-school competitions.


In addition to our P.E. lessons each week, we also run extra-curricular clubs and lunchtime clubs, as well as offering morning movement and fitness sessions as part of our UPStart morning dances!


We are very proud of our participation in sports across the borough, and enter as many teams and events as we have the capacity for. Teams are chosen on a number of factors, including:

  • Ability
  • Attitude and effort (in class and in P.E.)
  • Whether the child has represented the school before in sports
  • Whether they child has access to sporting opportunities outside of school, through disadvantage, SEND or otherwise
  • Whether the child is involved in a particular sport outside of school and is passionate about it
  • Whether a child is very able or talented in an area of P.E..


Our Sports Coach, Mr G Archer, teaches from Nursery to Year 6 and ensures strong consistency between learning and development across the year groups.


Long term plans for P.E. for the year can be found here.


Below are photographs to share examples of our learning, as well as educational links.

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