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What is the UFC?

-What is the UFC?

The UFC is an organised charity of the school run by the parents, guardians and staff of the children attending Uplands Primary School and Nursery. The UFC  organise a variety of events with the aim of raising money to help advance of the education of the children within the school. The UFC  have been instrumental in raising funds to provide enhanced provisions for the children of Uplands Primary School and Nursery, including outside resources, electronic devices and experience events for the children.

-Who is involved?

All parents and staff are involved in the UFC in some way, ranging from donating cupcakes for a cake sale to being a committee member, and both ends of the spectrum are as important as each other.

-Who sits on the Committee?

The committee consists of: the Headteacher (or a designated staff representative), Chairperson/s, Vice Chair/s, Treasurer, Secretary and the members of the UFC who attend the meetings and run events.

-When are the meetings?

The meetings are arranged at the end of the previous meeting and noted in the minutes. This is so we can be flexible with dates depending on the time of year. Times of meeting are varied to allow a range of parents to be able to attend. Meetings have, in the past, been held at the beginning of the school day, end of the school day and in the evening.

-How can you contribute?

All family members within our community are invited to contribute in whatever way they can. Time is one of the biggest commitments that a member can give, but we are aware that not everyone can give the same amount of time. You may not be able to give a lot of time to the UFC, but we would love any ideas, donations, skills and support that you could offer. We are always looking for volunteers to help run/man an event, and without the support of our family community we simply cannot run the events. We also need people to take ownership of and lead events. It is not a requirement to attend all meetings, and many UFC members communicate with other members to organise events or contribute via email, phone or our UFC Facebook page